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Riding Jeans - Man
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Riding Jeans - Man

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PMJ Rider Jeans - Man

Handcrafted for performance - The safest Jeans for bikers on the earth.

PMJ's mission is to create amazing, beautiful trousers to wear with a ride on the bike.
High performance items that can contain or avoid damage caused by a fall and protect the body and skin from tearing.
Safe, fashionable pants for motorcycles.

  • Main fabric high weight 12.5 oz, stretch cotton denim;

  • 100% TWARON® ballistic fabric inner reinforced and mesh lined ;

  • Approved knee protectors EN1621-1, adjustable and removable;

  • Ready for Zero-Shock padding on hips;

  • EN 13595-2 – EN 13595-4 tested;

  • Stone washed;

  • Slim fit, no external stitching;


Terms & Conditions

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